How much technology is TOO much?

Published March 16, 2015

Well if you are reading this blog then you are using technology. Now look to your left and then your right, is the person beside you using some form of technology? Yeah, I thought so. We have become a society ADDICTED to technology. Webster defines an Addiction as a strong and harmful need to regularly have something. Reflecting on that definition I honestly cannot tell you a day I have been without some technological device. What about you, when is the last time your life consisted of no use of technology?

If we do a little reminiscing back to the year 2000 everyone in the world thought the world was going to come an end with Y2K. Fortunately, we are still here. Y2K should have been a wakeup call to us all that we must recognize when technology has become too much a part of our lives.

As parents we give our kids different forms of technology to increase their standard of living. However, according to the New York Times Steve Jobs’ limited how much technology his kids used. Furthermore, at the time of the interview Job’s kids hadn’t even used his tablet. So if the late cofounder of some of the hottest technological devices limited his kids’ use of technology maybe we should do the same.

Instead of picking up the e-reader have them to pick up an actual book. Cut off the PlayStation and take your child to the park or send them outside to play. Sit down at the dinner table and have a conversation with your child. Give your kids a healthy balance of technology.

For tips on how to give your child a balance read the Huffington post’s Finding a Healthy Balance — For You and Your Kids — With Media and Technology.