Wings II Fly launches their CEL blog!!

Published February 28, 2015

Wings II Fly, Inc. believes there are three essential pillars that aid in developing the citizens of tomorrow; Career preparation, Educational foundation, and Life skills.


  • Career Preparation (Job training)
    • Preparing youth with a global understanding of the work force, postsecondary education, and life in the 21st century through vision development, career exposure, and work based learning.
  • Educational Foundation (Oratorical/Written)
    • Empowering caregivers as academic advocators and providing youth a caring and inclusive learning environment focusing on language.
  • Life Skills (Character Development)
    • Youth will develop social skills, build a core sense of self-worth, and learn conflict resolution skills through the understanding and value of physical, emotional, and behavioral health.

Check our CEL blog out weekly for a topic related to one of our pillars.