Wings II Fly Reclaims the Youth of Gaston County

Published June 3, 2014

Individuals with a passion for youth have come together to form Wings II Fly Inc., with a vision of activating and igniting youth for success. Wings II Fly, Inc. is a youth development organization dedicated to reclaiming youth of all ages and backgrounds by helping them to develop character and positive life goals through traditional and creative strategies. It is our desire to expand the perspective of young people and make them aware of life’s possibilities by focusing on the C.E.L model. Wings II Fly Inc. believes that building character and personhood of youth through a holistic approach we will thus develop the citizens of tomorrow.


  • Career Preparation (Job Training)

o Preparing youth with a global understanding of the work force, postsecondary education, and life in the 21st century through vision development, career exposure, and work based learning.

  • Educational Foundation (Oratorical/Written)

o Empowering and equipping youth with the knowledge to advocate for themselves by providing a caring and inclusive learning environment focusing on language.

  • Life Skills (Character Development)

o Youth will develop social skills, build a core sense of self-worth, and learn conflict resolution skills through the understanding and value of physical, emotional, and behavioral health.