Who wants to be a MILLIONAIRE?

Published March 5, 2015

$564 million jackpot! This was the second biggest jackpot in history. The odds of hitting the jackpot were 1 in 175 million and we were all hoping we would be the winner. For 10 seconds as the winning numbers were being announced we all denied the golden rule and put our eggs into one basket. Well there were three winners that night and I don’t know about you, but I wasn’t one of them. So what do we do next? Keep buying lottery tickets hoping to be the next winner? It’s an option, but the best option is to start SAVING!

Get on the internet or go to your local bank and start learning about the various savings accounts. Most importantly start teaching your kids how to save. As adults, we know the younger you are when you begin saving or investing the more money you’ll have when it’s time to retire. How different could your future have looked if you would have started saving as a child? You can give your child that bright future!

Check out an article in Forbes, The 5 Most Important Money Lesson to Teach Your Kids, to learn more.